Get Your Family History

The popular television series has challenged us all to ask, ‘who do we think we are?’ For many of us who begin this search, there is no quick fix. Many obstacles exist in the path to uncovering our past.

Not least is the problem of the fracturing of families by emigration. Distance and time and the lack of an oral tradition will prevent many from putting their family puzzle together.

The expertise and experience of ‘its your history’ can ensure that the unique story of your family is no longer a matter of conjecture, based on often false assumptions.

As part of commissioned research, the following would be undertaken:

  • Critical analysis of census records
  • Retrieval of civil and parish records.

  • Secondary sources, census substitutes, land records consulted

  • Information garnered on surname

  • Newspapers of time period examined

  • Topography of place of origin supplied

An account of the family history would be drawn up, against the background of the social, economic and political conditions prevailing at the time.

Many families have chosen to omit information that subsequent generations find fascinating. An example would be the recent interest Irish society has developed in those who were caught up in First World War. To discover that your west of Ireland family, stalwarts supporters of all things Irish, included more than a dozen who fought, and died, in the Great War, changed forever one man’s perception of his family.

The mission of ‘its your history ‘ is that it at least be based on facts.

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